I work in various media-oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography and photo extensions, constructions using found objects and textural components, monoprints and collage-and often in combination.


Living in Colorado I find I am unable to escape the magnitude of the landscape-the wide horizontals of the plains layering into the sky, the powerful vertical angles of the mountains and the vast night skies. The light of our days is harsh, strong, relentless-and blanches out color in midday.  Since I am primarily an abstract painter, I find working toward the distillation of these components much more interesting than producing yet another literal rendering.   Recently, however, I have been exploring conceptual landscapes with more figurative elements in my work.


One wonders if by time the viewer plows through the Artist's Statement and the other forms of social media if some of the potential interest in the art itself has been thwarted by all the explanations and personal apologias.  "Social relevance" has become so important to many artists wanting to instruct and paint and sculpt and install about all the issues we/they are facing in the world (and yes, it has its place) but how many artists are going to produce another Guernica or Death of Marat? The beauty of pure mark making (i.e. the caves of Lascaux) can take our breath away thousands of years later and does not depend on anything but wonderful....

As an artist I hope most of all for a connection with the viewer; a tacit dialogue, the sharing of a little space and time. 


I love that idea.


Susan Taylor




Susan Taylor was born in California, reared in Texas and has lived most of her life in Colorado. 

She is married and has two grown sons and four grandchildren.

She is an enrolled citizen of the Chickasaw nation.

She was a co-owner of Enso gallery in the art district on Santa Fe in Denver.

She has taught art in the public schools of Oklahoma City and Ladue, MO


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma; one year post-graduate in painting and art history.

Art Students League of Denver; she studied with Dale Chisman.

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